Floor installation services

1. Preparation of the underlayer

  • dismantling of the old flooring and bars
  • sweeping and vacuuming of the ground
  • local or overall underlayer repair
  • underlayer grinding
  • underlayer penetration

2. Assembly of wood flooring

  • assembly of multilayer wooden boards by overall adhesion
  • assembly of one-layer wooden boards by overall adhesion
  • assembly of the sprung or the fixed grate
  • assembly of the sports flooring
  • assembly of the stairs
  • assembly of skirting bars and steps bordering
  • assembly of thresholds or transition strips - self-adhesive/driven-in

3. Special works

  • Custom drawing of the lines on the courts
  • Additional flooring protection by a hard wax oil application after installation
  • Disassembly, adjustment and installation of the door leaf
  • Disassembly and adjustment of thresholds
  • Filling the dilatation joints by the use of an elastic sealant or a liquid cork
  • Treatment and maintenance of floorings

4. Special services

  • professional consultation / advisory
  • visual inspection of an installation place and evaluation of the conditions
  • professional meterage
  • development of the detailed price calculation with a proposal of technical solutions
  • transport and delivery to the place of realization
  • guarantee and post-guarantee customer service
  • Ecology - supplied products are produced with respect to the environment and the health of users.

Technical information

Technical information Staining oil for the treatment of hardwoods and softwoods. Very good penetration ability, very good resistance to water. It deepens the natural structure of wood and shows an elegant color of wood. Solidification takes place by oxygen (oxidative drying).
Content of the substances
Modified vegetable oils, waxes, silicic acid, gently aromatic isoparaffins, drying agents free of lead and cobalt.
Load capacity
Fully loadable after 7 days of drying.
Wooden oiled floors should be cleaned and treated only by the specifically defined products from various manufacturers. Before making the selection, please seek an advice at the specialised seller and follow the instructions attached.
Wooden oiled floors must be treated on a regular basis by the application of oxidative or hard vax oils according to the level of use between 1 - 2 years. After laying the floor it is necessary to apply hard wax oil to the exposed places with an increased stress on the surface.
Consult with specialized seller and follow the enclosed instructions before the application of oils or let a professional company trained for such activities realize that.
ÖNORM S 1555 requirements regarding the fastness to sweat and saliva as well as ÖNORM EN 71-3 regulations “Safety of the toys, migration of certain particles ("free of heavy metals") are met. It meets the requirements of slip resistance class R10 according to BGR 181 (formerly ZH 1/571) and DIN 51130.
By water or mild household cleaners intended for oiled wooden floors, first time after 14 days Adler Naturnah Reiniger 80055: oil dirt removal ADLER Legno – Öl 50880 ff: for revival and recovery apply just one layer and remove the surplus. Please, respect Manual for oiled products treatment with ADLER Legno-ÖL 50880 ff.
Technical information
BK Parket wooden flooring must be glued either in full-area or by the system of cordon application – directly on a solid underlayer using the special parquet installation glues. 12mm construction for an underfloor heating /oak oak oak/ is suitable for installation on the floors with underfloor heating. Sports and dance floorings are suitable to be installed by the system of nailing to the grate system designed for this purpose.
Before the installation
It is necessary for the space where the flooring is being installed to be sufficiently dry and ventilated. The underlay must be dry with the humidity up to 2% and the relative air humidity must not exceed 65%. The flooring should be acclimatized approx. 48 hours before gluing. Temperature during the installation process should not fall below 10 degrees Celsius. The underlay should have a maximum flatness of 2 mm over 2 meters in all directions,, otherwise it is necessary to perform a balancing leveling. Before gluing it is recommended - especially for anhydrite plaster to grind the underlay and penetrate afterwards for correct transmission of adhesion to the bottom side of the flooring.
At installation of the flooring with the underfloor heating it is necessary to ensure learning curve and the technology of the installation must meet the requirements of the producer of the flooring and the supplier of the gluing.
Before the use of flooring, let the glue harden for at least 12 hours and avoid the access to the floor. Heavy furniture and other interior components should be placed on the wooden floor after 24 hours.
The guarantee does not apply on the flooring that has not been installed correctly according to the producer’s recommendations. It is recommended to let the professional staff to perform the installation itself.
All residential objects except for bathrooms, showers, winter gardens or rooms with high humidity. Retail spaces, restaurants, bars, hotel foyers, receptions, showrooms and studios. 12mm /oak oak oak/ underfloor heating construction is suitable for the floor with underfloor heating. Sports and dance flooring is suitable for the sport halls, tennis and squash centres especially for basketball and other indoor sport games. The dance halls as well.
It is necessary for the BK Parket wooden flooring to be installed at the places with an ambient temperature of 16-23°C and a relative air humidity 45-65%. An adequate protection should always be kept in order to avoid the damage caused by furniture. It is advisable to use under the furniture the felts and pads intended for this purpose. At the entrances it is appropriate to use protective mats to avoid scratches and standing water. If a spillage of water or other liquid to the floor occur, the floor must be immediately wiped dry to prevent ingress of fluid through the surface pores, or through gaps in parquet deeper inside.