Surface treatment

Surface treatment - caution: Regarding the use of solid wood – a natural material, which is characterized by its diversity in color and structure, it is not possible to guarantee the 100% uniformity of all board lamellas even despite the surface treatment. The color and the grain of wood may differ from the exposed samples.

By using the surface treatment technology – fuming followed by application of transparent or white oil, it is not possible to guarantee the equality of the color shade. The pictures of individual decors do not have to respond exactly to the reality regarding the different imaging of individual CRT, LCD, LED and PLASMA displays.

Style Collection

Style Collection is characterized by finely brushed boards using the stylish colors that fit into any interior.

Floors in the Style collection have 2V longitudinal micro shrinkage. The color shades within the Style collection are applicable for all constructions of RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM AND RETRO DESIGN.

Exclusive Collection

The beauty of the wood pattern is emphasized by the brushing surface treatment. Floors in the Exclusive collection have 4V longitudinal and transverse micro shrinkage. The fuming technology used in decors Oak Smoke, Oak Perl creates the color uniqueness of each board and thus emphasizes the authenticity of wood itself. Although the fuming technology causes color differences, it is not a fault; on the contrary, it underlines the nature of wooden floors.

Exclusive Collection represents the unity of the accuracy and the art in the surface treatment. Combinations of the multiple production processes create a remarkable experience that enhances the whole design of the interior. The shades of Exclusive Collection are applicable for all constructions of RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM AND RETRO DESIGN.

Timber selection

When choosing the construction of the flooring and the surface treatment it is necessary to add the information about the class of the material given by the natural characteristics and the structure of wood: